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August 14, 2006


george p

12. beards rock.
13. there seems to be a trimmer shortage in london at the moment. i know this because i am trying to buy one.

dan at innocent

14. I know a man who might be able to help. He has lots of Remington products after he did some modelling for them. He's on holiday right now but I'll check with him when he gets back on Friday.

15. But don't shave it too short George. Your beard looks good.

george p

16. get you with your model friends!
17. a trimmer would be ace though. i've had two so far. both have broken indecently fast.

dan at innocent

18. He's not a proper model. Just a short Australian who needed cash and has a swarthy look that Remington were keen on. Thought I'd clear that up in case you thought I'd gone all fashion on you.

19. How long do you think we can keep the numbers going?

george p

infinity. until now.

John Grant

I grew a beard when I had a baby (my other half did a lot of the actual 'having' but you know what I mean; at that sort of time)

I had all sorts of theories about it (cant use numbers it will confuse, so will use letters, in no particular order):
P. it was quite an introverted time for the new family, we/I didnt feel like facing the world
J. I was studying psychotherapy at the time and had masses to hide
R. same as J. I was trying to look like Freud
C. probably the result of J - in an overly self-questioning way - I was asserting masculinity at a time when most of what I did in a day was quite maternal and threatening to my identity
Y. I was too tired to shave and had crap skin from lots of low sleep nights
H. I am probably a bit of a hippy

I currently have no hair on my face or head for that matter. But that was more due to an outbreak of headlice at my son's nursery than anything.

Thanks. I feel better for finding somewhere to share thoughts on beards. (I also once had a bit of a mohican but that's prob another site).


Funny... I can grow facial hair at the drop of a hat, and because of this, I take advantage of it (full beard, goatee, fu-man-chu, handle-bars, etc) but when I had my first, I did one I had never done before; a "Stinger". A stinger is simply a soul-patch that comes to a point at the end. My wife says it makes me look younger, which I love, despite the gray in it.

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