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October 16, 2006


Marcus Brown

The "somewhere in Germany" is Munich. Munich welcomes Tankard.

Paul H. Colman

My Dad is going to be gutted that you've left him off. He doesn't ask for much out of life, just a little tankard action. But no...

Tom Lewis - Reynier

What are those strange runes on the side ? And part of me really wishes that Steve isn't REALLY in Nigeria - although I fear he may actually be. I finished working for Royal Mail last month. Would have been handy to still have been there when I have to send it to him...

Marcus Brown

I would be happy to sacrifice my place on the list for Harry C.


Yep, I'm really in Nigeria, sunny Lagos-by-the sea to be exact. Tom, I'm sure we can work out the logistics nearer the time, either I'll collect her when I'm in the UK next for couple of weeks or I'll know someone who can bring her back for me.

dan at innocent

I apologise for leaving out Harry C. Harry - I'm sorry. I propose inserting him into the list between Russell and Margot. Harry - does this sound OK to you?

Harry C

Please don't worry Dan - the earliest trip planned for the tankard is in March 2007 to Bermuda with a possible diversion to North Carolina. I'll be quite happy at the bottom of the list. After that at a date to be decided the tankard will travel to Ireland and be feted.

Marcus ,thank you very much for your kind offer to give up your place on the list for me - you will lose nothing by that (an old Irish expression). I think it's very important for the tankard to experience the rich Bavarian culture and be exposed to Schiller, Goethe and Schubert and if possible "The Hoff's" greatest hits.

Marcus Brown

Harry, I'm sorry I don't know any David Hassellhoff songs. I was thinking of something from "Die Winterreise". I'm particually found of "Der Lindenbaum".

If you don't have a copy I would recomend the version with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Jörg Demus. It's brilliant. You can have a look (and listen) here:


Harry C

I've had a listen Marcus and OK let's drop "The Hoff" suggestion and go with your original choice.


Fabulous!! I can't wait to receive it. I will email you my address... thank you so much!


PS. Yes, Paul, Dan's hair is long enough for pigtails...

Javier Aldana

Ok. I will email my address to Marcus when i see him singing with the typical hat with feather (isn´t?, and with green short trousers?) :P

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