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January 09, 2007



A fissure ? That sounds serious - like a kind of environmental sized problem. Do you think the tankard has been travelling by air irresponsibly ?

dan at innocent

Worrying times. I've just posted a picture of the fissure.


I think the old girl might be tougher than you give her credit for. Keep the faith.


I think some sultry loving in Spain will do her good. Be the Don Jose to her Carmen, Javi.

Marcus Brown

Nothing to worry about. She had that when she got to me, I think Kirsty mentioned that she had it when she arrived in Paris. And she had a lovely time. You just need to be gentle with her. I carried her around in bubble-wrap... and sung her to sleep.


It's a friggin boy.

And yes, he had that before me. Dan did it to him.


Typical Dan - he likes to create these things so he can wallpaper over them - which is a bit of an uncalled for comment - but there you go.


I seem to remember that the cross channel journey was a bit nerve racking. Maybe she (he) took a detour.

dan at innocent

I've sort of lost the thread of what you're on about (Tom). Am I getting the blame for the fissure? If so, I'll take it, like a man.


It was the fissure - but now I see that, because Javier seems to have one eye larger that the other - it might be HIS fault.

Marcus Brown

It's a girl


No!, i´m a man!

Marcus Brown

The tankard Javier.

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