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January 17, 2007



I´m ready to receive Russell´s address in London. Tankard go home!



Great picture. This is working well.


It's a pity though that they couldn't quite get the curves on the '100% AFRICA' billboard to match those of Frank Gehry, don't you think?


Excellent work Javier.

Dan, do you think we should look again at the tankard schedule going forward?

dan at innocent

Javier - I hope that Russell will see this post and send you his address. If not, you can ask him - contact him at russelldavies.com

Paul - what are you thinking? Bigger schedule? Invite more participants?


Yes. Just check that all are still keen, and see if anyone else is interested.

What do you think?


Originally I didn't want the tankard but now I feel I was a fool. It's only Belfast but in the interests of republican/loyalist harmony perhaps it should come here and be a symbol of cross border peace, or somefink. I'll even take it to our beloved Crown Bar and sup a pint of the black stuff from it if that helps:

It's a small thing but it could make all the difference.

dan at innocent

I'll post something very shortly and we'll refresh the schedule.


Dan - I notice that you have a link to Dennis Sever's house on this blog - have you been ? It was more fun when he was alive, I've heard - but that would bea good place to take your creative mates.


Good news Dan. I shall report on your report (in the usual way).

dan at innocent

I haven't been to Dennis Sever's house. Might take our mob along there.

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