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January 19, 2007



Como ya he dicho en el blog de Javi - dame El Tankard. Estoy preparado - con todos los planes que se necesita para un proyecto de ese tipo. Bring it on - la hare, no importa la pena que me traera. Over here son.

dan at innocent

Go on, translate.


If it's free in July I can take it to Canada. Hardly exotic, but the tankard might enjoy seeing the colonies (although it's German, isn't it?). Anyway, we certainly drink a lot.


There are a couple of clues in there - 'Bring it on' and 'Over here son' should suffice. When's it my turn ?


Splendid stuff Dan. I quite fancy a proper session on her, add me to the list.


I believe the Little Mermaid has been known to always be up for a bit of Tankard action. Tivoli, Viking boats and a Carlsberg brewery visit might be on the agenda as well.


I'm still on for it, though deliveries to the flat keep going astray, so maybe you could send it to Ben and I'll get it from there.

dan at innocent

Thank you all for your pro-tankard comments. Anyone else fancy a go? I'll give it a couple of days before drafting the new schedule.

Brett Macfarlane

The Pacific Coast of Canada is curious to experience the Holy Grail like allure of The Tankard. I'd be delighted to introduce it to Vancouver and Whitler.


Ready and willing in Chicago. Lots of things to see and do here. :)


Can I reiterate that it would help the Peace Process considerably if the Tankard came to Belfast. I'll give it the tour: Stormont, The Crown, Samson and Goliath, Goerge Best's grave even. Fuck, wouldn't that be brilliant!


Seems that the Tankard should need some quality beach time after its tour of the Pacific Coast of Canada.
Should it see fit to make a way down to the states, San Diego would wecome it kindly. Very close to the border w/Mexico, I'll add.

Clay Parker Jones

Another in Chicago. Easy passing of the torch.

Javier Aldana


The Tankard is learning spanish.
It´s integrating in the society and making good friends...



Javier - teach it the word 'carpetovitonico' - that's my favourite Spanish word

Javier Aldana

jaja, is "carpetovetónico"
(i´ll try to explain in my poor english)

Like our dictionary says, carpetovetónico is a person, an habit, an idea, etc that fought tooth and nail to defend the spanish primary idea. Usually versus the foreign influence.

I don´t know is there is an equal word in england. Someone carpetovetonic in england...maybe an old english lady taking tea and saying no! to the european union?


Carpetovetónico means other think too: an inhabitant of the ancients and lost citys of the carpetans and vetons. Pre-romanic people.


Yes - it is an adjective - and in my mind means grumpy, stubborn and moody.

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