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February 19, 2007



Did you sit on it Dan, with your fat arse ?

dan at innocent

I can't believe you're talking about my fat arse at a time like this. This is serious.




Bloody hell - sorry.

Some people.

Marcus Brown

quite upsetting.

dan at innocent

Thing is Macus, we can fix it. But the sausage...we can't fix the sausage. That's truly upsetting. Hope you start blogging again soon.

What about vegetables next? Meat's becoming old hat.


Inadequate packaging if you ask me. Glue, sticky tape and Dunkirk spirit will see it through.


Richard, if you could see the whole packaging, you dont say the same.


Calm down calm down you two. It 'aint no-one's fault but the rent.


My apologies Javier, I was overcome by the emotion of it all. Tom's quite right, this is not the time to be pointing fingers. I should remember, "when you point a finger, four are pointing back at you" (or some such bollocks).

Actually, that's should be "three". Unless you're one of those weird people that have an extra finger.

Actually, Tom/Javier, neither of you have extra fingers do you? If you do, I apologies (again).

Solidarity brother! (And sisters).



Nothing happens, Richard.
We are all devastated, it was a great Tankard, the best Tankard.


The number of fingers I have on my hands is none of your filthy business. I grew up in the fens - and keep my hands to myself (and the cattle)

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