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May 09, 2007



You're on fire tonight.


nice couple of posts dan!
perhaps you could put the 'cv sift' on the list of things NOT to do - things somehow get done that way.


I've always been a big fan of lists. Sometimes when I'm making one I'll put something totally mundane on it like "Eat Lunch" just in case I don't get to cross anything else off it that day. Good luck tonight.


that looks like more than eighty CVs. or is there some pieces of work attached inbetween? definitely looks like a lot of work and a little sleep. good luck with it. hope you'll find someone nice.

Stan Lee

Judging by that pile, creatives are seemingly a me-too product. Who'd have thought!?

dan at innocent

I did get a few boxes full of creative delights, baskets of fruit, cleverly designed innocent bottles featuring CVs. Some nice stuff. But by and large there were a lot of 'flat' CVs.

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