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July 22, 2007



I've got a mini egg plant.


Small aubergine not Cadbury's chocolate.


hi dan!
its a good thing living in the countryside - so do we. happy gardeners ;)
beautiful baby by the way :D
so long, tada and nachoos; beate


A bit late with your tomatoes aren't you? We're just about to harvest our's. And careful with your courgettes; we went away for two weeks late one summer and came home to monster zucchini's. We hollowed them out and lived in them during a hot spell (or was that just a dream).

Good luck anyway, looking forward to hearing your progress. My wife's the gardener really (don't know if you ever met Karen, she worked at CWA too but that might have been after your time) - I'm just the labourer. She's Barbara to my Tom (if you know what I mean).

We're considering chickens right now.

dan at innocent

I was late with everything - this year is an experiment, seeing as we moved in the middle of the so-called summer. Next year will obviously be a well drilled military operation.

Don't know if ever met Karen - if she was post 95 then probably not. But then I am useless with names, so I no doubt know her really well.


Bloody hell that would make her REALLY old.

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