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July 30, 2007


David Airey :: Graphic Designer

Woah, sorry to read that, Dan.

For what it's worth, I suffer from naggius girlfriendus - a terrible condition that rears its ugly head on an almost weekly basis.


Hope you'll feeling better soon Dan. Afraid I don't have any hereditary conditions (or at least not any that I'd want to share with your group), though.



Hope you'll be feeling better soon Dan.


Hope you're felling better soon Dan.

There, I've said it three times now - one of them's bound to work.


I have three knees.


Felling trees, David?


Alex - Yep, it's what men do when they move to the country (see http://dangermain.typepad.com/dan_germain/2007/03/stuff_you_dont_.html ).


Beautifully handled. Consider the hat tipped.


Sorry to hear that Dan, hope you are well soon. Apart from the fact that I am waiting and afraif of my dad's loss of hair to be hereditary one day, there is nothing to share sounding as interesting as bifid epiglottis. So hope you're getting better and hopefully we see in September.

César Casquero

Hi Dan,
I have a 4 years old child with biffid Epiglottis. I have many Questions. Could you please contact me.
cesar_casquero_faure@yahoo.com . Thanks from Spain


Hello Cesar

Good to hear from you. If you have any questions, I am happy to try to answer them. I should let you know – this condition never really bothers me – only maybe when I get a bad throat infection, which doesn’t happen often. I hope it doesn’t affect your son too much either.


Did you have polydactyly?


I don't know what a polydactyly is.

ear nose throat

I never encounter this kind of problem throat.



I just discovered my 18-month old son has bifid epiglottis, and searching on the internet has led me to you. Like Cesar, I too have many questions. Everything I have read says bifid epiglottis is never an isolated anomoly. My son does not have any of the obvious associated anomolies, but there are some that would not be visible (like endocrine disorders, or a brain tumor known as hypothalamic hamartoma). Do you have anything else associated with the bifid epilgottis? Polydactyly, for example, is having extra fingers or toes.


Thankfully I have no other associated conditions. Hope your son stays healthy.


Guess what! I found out I was mistakenly calling the uvula the epiglottis. He has a bifid uvula, not epiglottis. This is a much less frightening prospect. That's why you don't have anything else wrong. If it's the little thing hanging down from the top in the back of your throat it's the uvula, not the epiglottis. Now I'm sure my son does not have a tumor! Thanks for your time, you are very kind.

Gay Nell Parks

I have a bifid uvula. I was 9 years old when I learned it was unusual.

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