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September 14, 2007


David Airey

Looking forward to the photos of your new egg cup.

dan at innocent

Don't hold your breath. I've got to put the curtain rails up first.


I've still got your tape measure.


I've used shot glasses on occasion. Worked pretty well.


For measuring curtain rails ?

dan at innocent

I bought a new tape measure. 8 metres. A real beauty. You can keep the old one.


I don't want your OLD tape measure Dan, I want your NEW one.

I will drop by on Sunday - please have it ready for my collection.

Thankyou. You're welcome.


Oh and Dan - you knoe a bit about music - even 'thopugh I do still have your Stereo MCs DJ Kicks Compilation album - but do you know what the music is in the background of the new Michael Palin Tours Europe TV trailer ?

dan at innocent

The internet tells me it's a song by Andrew Bird called 'Heretics', from the Armchair Apocrypha album.


OK. Thankyou. Co will be very pleased on the day that celebrates her birth.

See you on Sunday. For the tape measure.

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