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October 01, 2007



Blackboard paint is one of the best things ever. I did a post about it a while ago.


Next week, I will be painting an entire chimney breast in it - woohoo!

Looking forward to checking out the Howies shop, cheers!



Now here's a product for the shed.

Can you rub out the writing that you put on the blackboard paint ?

dan at innocent

Yes, you can rub it out. I've got a bit of my kitchen wall painted with it - very good for shopping lists and drawing the odd cosk.

I've got a tin in the garage if you want one.


Don't you need planning permission for that where you live, Dan ?

Yes please - I would definitely like to borrow your blackboard paint. I will collect it from your, ahem, GARAGE. Maybe you can give me your new tape measure when I come ? I'm sorry I didn't make it last Sunday.

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