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March 12, 2008


Mike Reed

It is a nice film, but I can't help thinking, "Oh my God, ANOTHER bunch of people telling me all the same things. But this time with cutting-out."

The danger is surely that we now have so many of these disparate climate change brands, you just feel bewildered by all the names and agendas. Maybe it's a positive snowballing effect, but it feels a bit like an avalanche.


But it's by Marcel, Mike - he's a good lad.

Daniel - I shall see you at around 12:30 on Saturday if this still works for you. One of things I will be looking for is some progress on the outbuilding. And nice olives. I'll bring the usual handknitted clothing.


He is a good lad. Big hair.

12.30 is still good. No progress on the outbuilding, but I hope that doesn't mean you feel like cancelling the visit.


We'll still be there. It just means you'll get scored lower on that attribute than others. Like the olive attribute. I shouldn't be giving you this insider knowledge Dan - but you have an opportunity to score highly there.


Hi Dan, it's Digby here; I just googled acme climate control (as it's another of my books) and immediately stumbled onto this. How are you? I love the tree you saw on the way to work.


Hello Digby. I'm very well thank you. My old old friend Marcel did some design for the ACME book (he was our very first designer here at innocent) so he’s been keeping me up to date with how it’s going. It's a great project.

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