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October 15, 2008



An anagram of your name Mr Germain. I was going to do this answer in an anagram but couldn't be bothered!



Have you seen this? Right at the end there's a poster that's just perfect for you. (Sorry, you really are one of the very few people I know with a decent beard.)


You are correct Martin/Northshore.

I'll email you exciting news of the prize, which will probably be a book, or some pottery.

And Alex - thanks for the beard link. I've been to that Pirate Store and it's a mighty fine place. Didn't see the poster there sadly.

Tom Harle

I nearly just posted a little response saying "no it's an anagram of 'Ben Terret' " but then I got it. THAT post. Oh well.


I think I have made my opinion very clear on this one, Dank.

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