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March 05, 2009


Noah Brier

Great idea, just added mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyitsnoah/3330910618/in/pool-bedbooks

Paul H. Colman

Hi Dan,

These are the kinds of things I like reading about - little bits of life. You should do more of this; 'what's in your shed/cupboard/DVD pile', that kind of thing.

Although I should point out I did post about this subject ages ago, so I don't care too much for all this Flickr group business.

But that aside, I'm very happy with this post.

Good evening.


Oh no.

Dan - you know you need a review of your blog when it gets to the 'photos of books by the side of my bed' post.


I know. But it was either that or that clip about Keegan's testimonial, with the helicopter.


What about the jerkins ? The jerkins Dan. You're missing out on some prime opportunities.

Mike Reed

Thanks for the nod, Dan, and the photo. Sorry Paul, I never saw that post! But I completely agree on the shed/cupboard/DVD point.


Oh - can we do sheds ?

Now I'm back on board.

Dan - bring your camera round my gaff tomorrow. I'll show you my new project. It's got cow horns.

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