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April 26, 2009



Dan Germain - please could you confirm if there is car parking availibility at your house ? I have to come to Oxfordhsire soon on business and have heard that car parking is very awkward in that county ?


We do have car parking. It takes place on gravel. I can't vouch for the rest of the county, but I do hear there is good parking near Witney.


The County Council car park in Wallingford is excellent - if attended post 1pm on a Saturday. The one round the back of Waitrose's car park - but NOT Waitrose's car park as their charges are too complex.

I hear your neighbour is very accomodating too.


taking pictures while driving 70 miles an hour?


Mind you it is a pretty monumental milestone


Hi Dan,
Am actually looking for Tara's blog. Friend of Sara and Dip (they are currently staying in devon with us) and as I have just entered this blogging world am slightly addicted. Have met you a couple of times - hello again! Will visit again and if Tara fancies leaving me a comment then I can visit her too!



Hello again Amy

Tara's blog is http://www.lookbook.typepad.com

Hope you find her OK


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