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April 23, 2009


james/pushes emotional buttons

cripes, thanks very much! thanks for the mention, i'm dead chuffed to be in the company of this musically minded and hirsute gentleman.

i'll be checking his blog out forthwith.

and i shall furnish you with a guitar pic over the weekend. fair's fair, after all.

Paul H. Colman

Does Dan Heaver know Thomas Spooner? That is the question.


Dan Germain. I was wondering if you have any space in your shed for some magazines I've got to store ? I know that space is at a premium in the UK generally and that Oxfordshire may provide the solution ? They're not dog ones.


Dear Paul - I think Heaver and Spooner do indeed know each other.

Dear James - waiting for the guitar pic.

Dear Tom - I've got space, next to the axe that you gave me.


What about the gloves ? I gave your wife some gloves too.


Dan, what a fine man you are. I hope my car's as old as yours one day.

Paul, I haven't seen the climbing man in a while, but remember him fondly.

James, Hello.

Paul H. Colman

Dan, the other one, how do you know Spooner?


I don't.

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