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May 27, 2009



That's amazing but I think you're understating it's importance. I would relinquish fire or the wheel in it's favour.

charlie gower

I love Landlord.
I like the new sharp blog design too.
But I like Landlord more... sorry


The spoon?


next time you see them tell them I said they are my heroes and I promise to visit one day


man, the tetrapack must be really solid to keep the fizz from making a ball of it.


Which pub in Great Malvern? I was brought up near there..


It was the Great Malvern hotel, in the centre of town.

Samantha B H Shields

well i have no idea how I stubbled across this site but hey, they do these cartons at the pub across from my flat- the three judges (very botom of byres road glasgow, where it meets dumbarton rad- and they're fab! not a bad local either! yay


....this invention is up there with the Wright Brothers.

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