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July 05, 2009



Swap sunsets for helicopters. Works too.


ditto with vacation snaps in spite of all the cheese we say.


never take a photo that doesn't have a person in it. that's what my grandad used to say. and even then he refused to look at my snaps because he thought other people's photos were 'always boring'. i miss him.


btw since you've been away michael jackson has passed. And jade goody. oh, and the falklands war finished.

(on a positive note, there's a new iPhone out)

Paul Mison

Good talk at Interesting, and a wonderfully appropriate closer.

Where do you stand on sunrises, though? They share the same problems with cameras not recording the experience, but at least they show a bit of commitment. (Meanwhile, why is the modern day centred not on midday but at about 4pm?)


I love a good sunrise. Rarely taken photos of them, apart from these ones - http://dangermain.typepad.com/dan_germain/2008/06/on-the-way-to-w.html

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