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September 08, 2009



On being a neat freak?
Your ever loving wife x


A PowerPoint presentation on the plain truth that is everyone knows that photos of sunsets are never as good as they actually seem when you're looking at them with your eyes, but we keep taking them anyway.



That is a great idea David. I should put my money where my blog is.


Can I be really unhelpful and say a mixture of all? Maybe it's your challenge to find a theme that links them all.

Failing that beards or Indonesia.

Beards because as a lady I've always been curious about what power comes from the beard. I once asked the guys from ZZ Top if their magic was in their beards and they answered affirmatively (I was a drunken teenager, it was kind of them to humour me). I also imagine they must be very satisfying to stroke.

Indonesia because I have no idea about what living under martial law is like, and it interests me.


Blogging and what it has meant to you.


why wouldn't you write a proper book?


Why I'll never write a proper book sounds proper interesting to me ;-)

see you there



Well, I think we all know the answer to that. I stopped reading at the end of bullet point 1.
What - by the flaming balls of Zeus - is there to talk apart from beards?

I played 'guess your age' with a homeless gentleman last weekend (his idea - he was hammered), he guessed '47'. I'll be 33 next month. But I'd rather look 47 than walk around with a buttocks at the bottom of my face like so many of these other guys.

So yeah, beards. Good luck with it Dan.


Beards are very popular at the moment generally, see here http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=4187 one of the top selling etsy craftsters made her money on beards...Personally I like the feel of my husbands beard I think it is very sexual and almost animalistic...
Jugs? Im assuming you arent referring to the female anatomy? THAT would be very interesting if you were, and heterosexual (I assume you are, and I know gay people don't hate breasts....).
Your grandads champion status whilst intriguing may not fill everyones quoto of interestingness.
The final two suggestions look a bit conferencyish - so avoid, or not.
What about ' Things Gerry Adams and I have not got in common, and how it made me feel'?
The very, very best of luck with it all - it looks like great fun.


You'll be worth listening to, or interesting, or whatever, no matter what. You're good like that.

But if I had to choose I'd go with Granddad. It's the champions that need the most celebrating. So talk about that.

Wish I was going.

Brett T. T. Macfarlane

Though I will only be attending in spirit, I was initially pulled towards beards, as I stroked my 5 day growth paired with a distant stare of pontification. Then it occurred to me, as things tend to while pontificating with a beard, that beards have become a little obvious and trendy.

Less obvious is why we all take photos of sunsets. That sounds cracklingly interesting. Bet you could get a flickr group going pretty quickly to build a deck.




How long have you got? 20 mins?

Do 'em all. 4 minutes per thing.

PS. Isn't Colman a kiss arse?


I left a comment - where's my comment ?


Oh you have to typoe in those numbers and shit.


Right - I'll do it again. Here's a list that you can borrow from Dan - it's my list but you can borrow from it. I've got slides prepared for each already.

1. Origami
2. Sleight of hand
3. Defending the ball that swings in and then straightens
4. Capes
5. Keegan
6. Costner
7. Jacks
8. Kendo
9. Hessenthaler
10. Doing mad tricks in cars
11. Scally
12. The cat dressed up as a cowboy thing
13. For the love of God
14. Swimming challenges (Zanzibar, The Bosphorus, The Channel, that sort of challenge)


Dan - one of the first two would be nice
mum x


Beards please.

Dietmar Lang

I'm all for "Why I'll never write a proper book".


it has to be your granddad, i'd say.


I'm going to be there on Saturday and I'm hoping you're going to do martial law.


so long as your chat starts with the word 'hello' you can talk about anything you like.
i like the sound of indonesia though.

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