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January 04, 2010



Well, I'm currently writing a book for children. It's my first book, and I'm keen to read other books for similar ages. Mr Morpugo has a formidable rep, and must be worth a read. So you could give the book to me and play a small but significant part in the next chapter of children's literature. My book is about death. If that helps.


I would like the book because (according to the label) it is more than a story, it is a book with extra bits. Perhaps these extra bits are like DVD extras - moments where the dog forgot his lines or laughed inappropriately, or deleted scenes involving some of the many lives of the dog that weren't interesting enough to make it into the final book ("the day I just lay in front of the Aga licking myself").

Maybe there is an interview with the dog himself, where he complains about the many hours he had to stand up to his neck in a sodding wheat field while someone took that cover photo, or sensationally reveals that actually he wasn't born to run, he was born to chase cats, eat trainers and sniff the bottoms of other dogs.

Anyway, I will not rest until I know. Please, Dan, send me the book.


I think I should have the book because my friend's dog was recently run over and had to have its legs amputated and I would give the book to my friend and film her reaction and put it on youtube.

Paul H. Colman

What's weird is that the dog on the front has the exact same eyes of a dog I once loved.

His name was T. Coolster. I used to say "the sun always shines on T. Coolster".

Then he died, so I stopped saying it so much.


You need to be careful whistling through that gap (which I have never seen) between your front teeth because you could hyperventilate - especially with your epiglottis.

dan burgess

that's bloody brilliant.
vibrams are a bit like dog feet
sort of


Mike - I know it might be a bit late, but I would like you to have the book. Can you send me your postal address via email or twitter DM? Thanks.

Paul H. Colman

I laughed again at this post.
Good times.
Have you read the book we were talking about yet?


Haven't read it yet. Might do so this weekend.

Paul H. Colman

You should, you'll enjoy it, trust me.


Germain - it's getting close to bivouaccing weather

Nic Johnson

This dog is clearly able to produce multiple remotely driven micro dogs (plus a horse) from a vent in it's neck. Using this technology I would go on to conquer the world, or failing this become an extra on Dorothy. "Remote vent dog, you could still be Toto."

Oh wait, you gave the book away already?

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