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February 16, 2010



I didn't notice. Paul?

Paul H. Colman

It's okay, we understand and share many of the issues you talk about (my mind is falling apart).
I wish I knew what to do.
Things used to be simpler didn't they.

charlie gower

Looks like I'm the third reader.
I liked the picture.
Hope the knee gets better, luckily it won't affect your ability to draw more pictures though...

dan burgess

is that ted on the left?


I like the cat.


Ted is second from left. The cat represents Kat. And it's nice to see the same old faces round here.

Paul H. Colman

This is the only place to be.


They look like they need a lot of management.


the two on the left have great haircuts. i like the cut of their jibs.


It's all those McDonalds you've been feeding her. Get her down the Ewelme Thongathon.


All very true. Ben Kay has a good point on this though on his blog

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