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April 17, 2010




Nic Johnson

More trustworthy, but less interesting in their pants...

ben harris



Good morning Dan. Blogging is cool again.

Paul H. Colman

It is isn't it.
Morning Dan.


I always knew this. And blogging is cool again. Lord knows why I'm doing it.


From recent memory you don't really have a beard any more Dan - does this make you formally untrustworthy ?

Paul H. Colman

It's okay, Neil, not cool cool, but cool (if you get me).

Thomas Wagner

It's quite cool for sure. With and without beard that is.


If blogging is cool again, what am I supposed to blog about?

And yes, I shaved the beard off. Tom saw the evidence while we were sitting out the front drinking wine.


Stuff Dan. You blog about stuff.

Paul H. Colman

Pop over to mine or Marcus' and then swing your arms about and crack on.


What about your new swing, or the lawn, or the raised beds, or Keegan, or Jacks, or Costner, or Kendo's manager, or the World Cup, or Kabadi ?

Or the disappointment of Pieterson or Duckworth Lewis, or Hess ?

Or Mongoose bikes ?


Or beards.


I always thought the opposite was true, but now that it has been proven scientificly, Power To the Beard!!!!!

Cynthia Brown

I wonder what research has to say about how trustworthy the Taliban are... Perhaps, though, they are trustworthy - but also bloodthirsty?

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