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July 19, 2010



I think you should have stayed at home and observed your responsibilities as a father. Next time you get these bloody stupid ideas just think of that. Sometimes, the way it happens with these things is that you go off - maybe just for half a day - and when you come back they've gone. Had an affair. Been whisked off by the plumber or just a neighbour or a good friend. And THEN you stop to think. But then it's too late, and you only have yourselkf to cut your lawn for. And you only have to tidy the kids' toys up one last time. because they're not there to play with them again. Not even a forwarding address.


so would you do the same kind of exchange thingummy at innocent?

dan at innocent

We would do if it was the right person/company. We will be hosting method's Head of Design later this year in order to return the favour.

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